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5 Articles On Strategy From 2013 Worth Reading

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The fourth article from 2013 brings a more robust and interlinked process of strategy planning and strategy execution. We hope that you will find value in each of these article choices.  Here comes the fourth one:

The Interdependence of Strategy and Execution in a Rapidly Changing World


Through his article, Rod Collins from US based Optimity Advisors, comments on the commonly perceived duality of a successful strategy; planning and execution. While these two fundamental principles have traditionally been assigned under different accountabilities in 20th century organizations, for the fast paced world of the 21st century these two have moved towards becoming – as they should – unified under the same accountabilities.

The reason for this change has been the radical transformation of the landscape in which organizations operate, propelled by the advent of internet usage in a much more personal way. The resulting information revolution has shifted the power in what drives organizational strategies more towards the requirements and needs of customers, rather than the organization’s product agenda.

Consequently, a more robust and interlinked process of strategy planning and strategy execution is required, where each helps to shape the other.

Indeed, those responsible for executing strategies have a closer finger on the pulse of the customers, and the needs that will shape their strategy. This crucial insight from the executors is what’s needed in defining and planning modern strategies – just as leaders need to be closer to its execution.

 Our question:

Who should be involved in the strategy definition process?