5 Articles On Strategy From 2013 Worth Reading

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The fifth and last article from 2013 brings “a culture that throws out the misconception of strategy planning and execution as two different things”. We hope you found value in each of these article choices and let us know your thoughts related to these topics. Please go to the article, to leave a comment.

Closing the Chasm between Strategy and Execution


The chasm between strategy and execution is one that has typically come about due to the traditional segregation between those with the big ideas who come up with the plans, and those on the ground who experience the real world. Leadership and strategy consultant, Doug Sundheim, proposes in his article some solutions for what can help bridge the divide between the strategists and executors based on his extensive experience.

While some easy solutions can help to narrow this gap, mostly through better process alignment, a better and more powerful solution would be to address the problem at its root; by embodying a culture that throws out the misconception of strategy planning and execution as two different things.

With this common sense solution in mind, and through their belief in a core set of principles, both the best strategists and the best executors meet in a middle ground, where each recognizes at the core that they are willing to take responsibility for a task, even if its “not-given” and isn’t directly their responsibility.

Our question is:

How should strategy planners get involved in the execution of strategy?

Read: http://blogs.hbr.org/2013/08/closing-the-chasm-between-strategy-and-ex

One thought on “5 Articles On Strategy From 2013 Worth Reading

    Anael Granoux said:
    April 4, 2014 at 5:32 pm

    I definitely agree with Doug’s view! There is too often a segregation between strategy planning and strategy execution, when it should be considered as one unique process.
    From my point of view, the key strategy executioners should be involved since the beginning of the strategy planning phase. Why? Because they are the one that will implement and make reality the strategy previously defined. Therefore their involvement and buy-in is crucial to ensure the success of the strategy implementation.
    To answer the question, in order to involve the strategy planners into the execution phase, I would just be sure that the strategy executioners are exactly the same involved into the strategy planning phase.

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